NAAC Grade

Madhubani, Bihar

( A Post Graduate Constituent Unit of Lalit Narayana Mithila University,Darbhanga )
( NAAC Re-Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC )

Dear Students,

Congratulations and welcome to the Ram Krishan College Family! Ram Krishan College is a premier institution of higher education accredited with grade “B” by NAAC. The College has garnered a reputation of academic excellence nurturing a vast array of talent. The college offers its students a wide arena for academic and personal growth. Ram Krishan College is one of the select Constitute colleges of Lalit Narayan Mithila University "Transform One Life, Transform the Nation" is the vision of Ram Krishan College. We focus on creating generation after generation of confident, ingenious, dedicated, and passionate future leaders who will continue transforming the society, and in effect the entire nation. In its 83th year now, the college has made huge leap in both academics and infrastructure. The college offers state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms with multimedia projectors and auditorium. Its library is enriched with rich collection of books and journals. Spread over 39 acres of land, the college is known for its well-maintained and lush green lawns, garden and huge sports ground.

It is a matter of great pride for me to announce the completion of a new B.Ed. and BBA, BCA Academic Block with research labs, seminar halls, and audio-visual labs. Our faculty of dedicated teachers and researchers is second to none. The faculty and the administrative staff are constantly providing holistic support to students throughout their learning journey.

Rightly Einstein said “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”

Keeping in mind the essence of college's motto, Rightly Einstein words “Genius is 1 % talent and 99 % hard work”, the college provides a congenial environment to students for undertaking innovation and experimentation. Students at Ram Krishna College are offered numerous opportunities to enhance their skills and talent. The college has a vibrant Cultural Society that provides platform to students for displaying their creativity in the field of music, fashion, dramatics, dance, fine arts, photography, and public speaking. The college has a strong NSS club and NCC unit. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), Women Development Cell to name a few. I encourage you to take advantage of our rich culture and explore different aspects college life for a well-rounded personality.

As you all know that the world is grappling with unprecedented crisis faced by humanity due to corona virus pandemic, affecting all sectors of society with education not being an exception, I would like to assure you that Ram Krishan College keeps students' interest its top priority and would leave no stone unturned to deliver an engaging and holistic blended learning experience for its students. Now college has fallows NEP regulation which was introduce in 2021, a four-year integrated course. With great pleasure I welcome all new entrants to this institution of learning and invite you to start your academic and learning voyage with us. With accomplished faculty, a friendly support staff and numerous student activities, I assure you of meaningful three years of your life, which will enable you to grow into poised individuals ready to face the world. Come let's walk this journey together!

Wishing you all the success.

R.K.College, Madhubani

1 Md. M.Z. Abidin Principal 10.07.1941 to 04.08.1945
2 Sri Arun Kumar Dutta Principal 07.11.1945 to 11.04.1970
3 Sri Ajay Kumar Ghatak Prof. In-Charge 22.05.1970 to 04.09.1970
4 Sri Naageshwar Pathak Prof. In-Charge 05.09.1970 to 02.04.0976
5 Dr. Bachaspati Thakur Prof. In-Charge 03.04.1976 to 02.08.1977
6 Dr. Ram Lakhan Ram Principal 09.10.1977 to 12.08.1980
7 Sri Rama Kant Jha Principal 31.10.1980 to 06.10.1981
8 Dr. Surendra Mishra Principal 11.12.1981 to 26.10.1991
9 Dr. Binay Bhushan Pd. Singh Prof. In-Charge 01.11.1991 to 14.12.1992
10 Dr. Chandrika Prasad Principal 15.12.1992 to 15.07.1996
11 Prof. Mahendra Prasad Singh Prof. In-Charge 03.08.1996 to 30.11.1996
12 Prof. B.B. Prasad Sahgal Prof. In-Charge 01.12.1996 to 31.01.1997
13 Prof. P.P. Mandal Prof. In-Charge 01.02.1997 to 03.07.1997
14 Dr. Chandrika Prasad Principal 04.07.1997 to 28.11.1999
15 Prof. (Dr.) Raj Kumar Mandal Principal 29.11.1999 to 19.11.2002
16 Dr. Chandrika Prasad Principal 20.11.2002 to 12.01.2003
17 Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Mandal Principal 13.01.2003 to 01.12.2004
18 Dr. Rameshwar Prasad Principal 02.12.2004 to 28.11.2005
19 Prof. S.N. Purbey Prof. In-Charge 29.11.2005 to 09.01.2006
20 Dr. I.N. Jha Prof. In-Charge 10.01.2006 to 04.09.2008
21 Prof. S.N.Purbey Prof. In-Charge 04.09.2008 to 28.02.2009
22 Prof. C. B. Singh Prof. In-Charge 01.03.2009 to 04.03.2009
23 Dr. Ramji Sah Principal 05.03.2009 to 10.06.2009
24 Dr. R. K. Mandal Principal 11.06.2009 to 01.07.2014
25 Dr. Ramesh Yadav Principal 02.07.2014 to 30.11.2016
26 Dr. Shambhu Kumar Yadav Principal 01.12.2016. to 7.02.2019
27 DR. ANIL KUMAR MANDAL Principal 07.02.2019. to 30.05.2022
28 PROF.(DR) PHULO PASWAN Principal 31.05.2022 to 11.04.2023
29 DR. ANIL KUMAR MANDAL Principal 12.04.2023 to — Present